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Ride 2011

Paceline 2011:

Paceline Update Day 1

The Paceliners are on the road and going strong in the 2011 Ride to Cure Cardiac Arrhythmias. Yesterday’s leg from Canberra to Jindabyne was the longest of the entire ride at 180km, but they made good time, and despite having left a little late after forgetting to collect their lunches, managed to be at the Strzelecki Memorial Statue for their 4pm interview  read more…

Paceline Update Day 2

The Paceliners are still going strong. Day two saw them making their way from Jindabyne to Corryong. A distance of about 140km that also saw them tackling Thredbo and Kosciuszko  in one day.

A few people at home were a bit concerned when they all seemed to come to a sudden halt at about 42km out of Jindabyne, but we’d just lost the signal and they were all still riding up…up…up  read more…

Paceline Update Day 3

The great night really capped off what had been a perfect day of riding with lots of easy rollers, stunning weather and wonderful cameraderie. The team stayed together all the way, pausing here and there to cool their feet in the mountain streams and enjoy a bit of a rest.…read more

Paceline Update Day 4

When asked about today’s ride from Mount Beauty to Omeo you could tell that one rider was overwhelmed: “It was jaw-dropping, just awe-inspiring!” Sounds like he enjoyed it and it seems that the rest of the Paceliners felt the more

Paceline Update Day 5

Today was the day the team hit Hotham…and Mother Nature decided not to play fair. Waking up to heavy rain and slippery conditions, the decision was made to start out a couple of hours later when the trusty BOM site said the worst should have cleared. A “canny” decision as when the Paceliners did start out for the day it was dry all the way! …read more.

Paceline Update Day 6

After a great night’s rest and another hearty meal courtesy of the folks at Milawa Lodge, the intrepid 25 hopped back on their equally well rested Specialiseds, Treks, Bianchis and a  beautiful new Baum and Pacelined it all the way to Mansfield at a “cracking pace”. ..Read More

Paceline Update Day 7

Day 7 from Mansfield to Healesville was always going to be a big day, approx 170km, including Mount Terrible and The Black Spur. Just the names are enough to instill fear in the heart of the most intrepid Paceliner. However, they were all up, fed and raring to go by7am…read More

The Finale: Day 8

At 12:30 they made the long awaited entry into the Beaumaris Concourse and through the Paceline Arch…and not even the now pouring rain could dampen the spirits of this wonderful group of people who had all completed a ride amongst rides…an EPIC ride called Paceline 2011.

Thank you to everyone who accommodated, fed, transported, watered, interviewed, photographed, smiled at, waved to and supported Paceline 2011. The riders, organisers and arrhythmia sufferers greatly appreciate your care. Read more…


Paceline 2011.

Paceliners on the Road 2010

This was the fourth year that the Paceline ride had taken place and we aim to raise even more funds and awareness for cardiac arrhythmias. In the three years prior we have raised over $140,000 for the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, with rides across the USA, from Melbourne to Sydney and Adelaide to Melbourne.

Paceline 2011 took place from 12-19 November 2011. It covered a distance of over 1100km from Canberra to Melbourne.

The route was spectacular, encompassing severalof Australia’s most (in)famous peaks, including Hotham and Falls Creek.

The Route

Paceline Canberra to Melbourne 2011

Date Destination

Distance (km)

11 November Canberra 0
12 November Jindabyne 180
13 November Corryong 136
14 November Mount Beauty 166
15 November Omeo 130
16 November Milawa 174
17 November Mansfield 107
18 November Healesville 167
19 November Melbourne 78
Total 1138